So here’s the gear geeks page; Tiny Horse consists of a bunch of gear heads and so we love to chat about guitars, pickups, pedals-microphones, preamps, you name it.


I (Chris Meck) build my Fender style guitars myself, using Mark Jenny bodies, Wilkinson bridges and Allparts and Warmoth necks. I find that the only Fender brand guitars I like tend to be the super expensive custom shop guitars, and I kind of like doing it myself. Currently I play the strat mostly, with the Allparts Fatback neck and David Allen Tru-vintage 54 pickups.

-David Allen makes incredible pickups, y’all. My favorite.

Also I have the white Esquire with a Warmoth Boatneck and a Fralin Blues in it. It’s my favorite neck; one of these days I’m going to get another one for my strat.

My lapsteel is an unbadged Supro, made for Dwight’s Music in St. Louis. Late 50′s, early 60′s is my best guess. It’s got the over/under pickup and sounds fantastic. It’s totally stock, pots and all-even the funny screw on guitar jack. Weird. I recently discovered David Gilmour’s variation on open G tuning in which you leave the high ‘e’ string an ‘e’ which gives you the relative minor of your chord on the high 3 strings. I use that tuning almost exclusively now.

I almost always use my modified 1972 Deluxe Reverb. I run 6l6 tubes with an Eminence Cannabis Rex. She’s lookin’ pretty ratty these days, but sounds so good. I also use a 1959 Gibson G8 some for small shows when it’s just Abby and I or in the studio.

For pedals, I use a Stompunderfoot ‘Chemo Rat’, custom made for Abigail a few years back. Also a Voodoo Labs Sparkledrive, a Carl Martin Hydraboost (the best boost, IMO) DLS leslie simulator, and old Ibanez delays. amp tremelo mostly although sometimes I use a JOYO tremelo for fast stuff or if I’m using my little Gibson amp. Sometimes a Stompunderfoot Muff clone, sometimes an Analogman Sunface, sometimes not.

Abby uses our mid 70′s Aria Hummingbird a lot, it has a Baggs Element pickup system in it and she uses a Baggs Para D.I. live. This guitar was a gift from my Dad and was a bit of a reclamation project but it’s now both of our favorite acoustic. Also there is a ’72 Guild D40, and a Gibson J-185. We recently got a mid 80′s Alvarez 12 string but haven’t used it much yet. No pedals but a tuner.

Cody Wyoming, our compatriot, uses a Baritone guitar the he built from spare parts called,” The Codiac Baritone”. It’s a Jazzmaster body and pickups with a ’50′s Danelectro short scale bass neck that’s had 2 tuners added. It’s a 30″ scale instrument (like a Fender Bass Six) and he tunes it A to A. He’s also added a Bigsby and a Mustang saddle for extra trippyness. Additionally, he plays an 80′s Tokai Rosewood telecaster and a lawsuit era Ibanez Les Paul, all of which usually goes into a vintage Vibrolux, Twin, or occasionally Deluxe Reverb. Inbetween you’ll find an old tubescreamer, an old Rat, a Boss DD-5, maybe a Whammy.

Zach Phillips usually plays a Fender Bass into either Mesa, Ampeg, or Acoustic amplifiers depending on the gig/situation. He’s also a baritone enthusiast, and built his own which is on display in the video for ‘Ride’.

Matt Richey is normally our drummer, and uses vintage Sonor or Slingerland drums for the most part.


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